Zero Waste Operation

Sustainability starts by acting responsibly within its own perimeters and in first instance the effective re-use of all post-industrial waste into our 11 layer cast coextrusion film must be guaranteed – creating a own circular economy.

In order to achieve an effective re-use of all post-industrial waste we have decided to invest in a latest in house “Zero Waste Operation” technology.

Through this investment our AMILEN and NEXTFLEX films will contain at least 20% post internal industrial resins. We strive to further increase the use of internal post industrial resins in the future.

With this investment we will contribute to environmental protection, reducing plastic waste and improving our overall carbon footprint.

Less weight
less waste

The moto “less weight – less waste” is in basics what we as a company want to achieve in order to act responsibly and continue to produce plastic films for the food industry in the future.

We started to implement the technology of 11 layer cast co-extrusion as pioneers.

The 11 layer cast co-extrusion technology enables us to offer a material reduction by at least 20% when compared to other extrusion technologies – less weight. Further, our new NEXT FLEX films are based on a MonoPolyOlefine structure which have a lower density in comparison to other structures containing PET or PA.
The combination leads to less weight – less waste.

NEXTFLEX: new generation of sustainable films

We are committed to further invest into R & D, as this will enable us to provide better performing films based on our commitment to sustainability and acting responsibly towards our environment.

The outcome of our latest R & D activity is NEXTFLEX.

With NEXTFLEX, our MonoPolyOlefine (MPO) next generation sustainable packaging film solution we contribute in creating a Circular Economy which meets the demands of brand owners, packaging directives, retailers, resin producers and consumers.