Project Description

Customer Identikit

A sustainable rethinking process

  • Company Name 
    Meininger Fleisch und Wurst GmbH

  • Company Location 
    Meiningen (Germany)

  • Industry 
    Food – Processed Meat / Sausages

  • Market Area

  • Goal of the project 
    Creating a packaging 100% recyclable

  • NextFlex product/application 
    Top film: CombiflexR 60 / Bottom film: NextFlex – MPOX 100

The company

The family-run traditional Thuringian butchery Meininger, based in Meiningen, produces meat and sausage products for the retail trade and is known, among other things, for original Thuringian grilled sausages. The company’s products are listed with various retail chains.

Guided by the motto of “handmade”, they respect this line in the majority of their products. Sausage production is a craft. But they are also aware that it is not possible without technical progress and hygiene, so they combine both to the benefit of the product.

Stephan Zieroth

Sales Director VF Verpackungen GmbH

Sustainability should be reflected in the entire process. Only in this way it will be possible to make a relevant contribution for a circular economy. With this cooperation, we are setting an example of innovation and would like to further initiate a sustainable rethinking process.


Together with Meininger F. und W. GmbH we are developing a commitment to sustainable approaches to counteract the effects of climate change and meet the needs of future generations. This project not only includes the sustainable transformation of their core business. Sustainability should be reflected in the entire process. Thus, the need to find solutions for one of the most important stages in the process – the packaging – was recognized. Starting from this statement the goal was implementing a packaging that contributes to environmental protection and supports a functional circular economy through advanced recycling technologies.


Together we have found the right solution to meet all requirements.
To create a 100% recyclable solution we used two types of film. For the bottom film, we opted for a NextFlex MPOX 100 while for the top one we choose a Combliflex R 60 (OPP/PE-EVOH-PE).


NextFlex PP/EVOH/PE based monopolyolefine structure gave the products a maximum level of flexibility and a high barrier. The high barrier allows an increase in product shelf-life and a consequent reduction in food waste. Combiflex R is the perfect combination as a top film with NextFlex. It guarantees high transparency and clarity to enhance the product. Both structures are perfectly recyclable and suitable for current mechanical recycling technologies.