Project Description

Customer Identikit

The power of group work

  • Company Name
    Niederwieser Spa

  • Company Location
    Campogalliano (MO) – Italy

  • Industry
    Food Packaging

  • Market Area

  • Goal of the project
    Finding a recyclabile alternative to the PA/PE pouches

  • NextFlex product/application
    NextFlex film for converters.
    Together we created a new line of vacuum pouches, smooth and embossed.
    CombiNext made with NextFlex – CombiNext Fresh made with NextFlex.

The company

From extrusion to converting.
Niederwieser Food Packaging offers a wide range of films and pouches for vacuum packing, MAP, thermoforming and flow-packs for the food and non-food industry.

The plant in Campogalliano (MO) fully covers the film converting processes: cutting, lamination, heat-sealing, printing and embossing.
Thanks to the flexographic printing department and a modern automatic formulation and colour dosing system, it provides excellent graphic customization of the products.

Hannes Niederwieser

CEO Niederwieser Spa

For years, our goal has been to create a product that supports the circular economy.
We at the Niederwieser Group, Niederwieser Spa and VF Verpackungen, working together, have made it real.
Thanks to NextFlex we can replace the concept of waste with that of recycling. Nothing is wasted, everything is reintroduced into a circular economy process, maximizing the product’s life in order to reduce waste.


Niederwieser Spa is a leading player in the world of plastic film converting.
The company’s core business are the coextruded PA/PE vacuum bags, a structure that cannot be recycled at the current state of technology.

Considering the importance of pursuing a path towards a circular economy, Niederwieser has decided to include a line of recyclable vacuum bags in its product range. NextFlex is the ideal ingredient to meet the requirement in terms of recyclability, guaranteeing the same product performance.


Together we created two lines of recyclable vacuum bags.
CombiNext made with NextFlex is the line of smooth vacuum pouches, available in different standard stock sizes, from the classic 200×300 up to 400×600. CombiNext Fresh made with NextFlex is the line of embossed recyclable vacuum bags, perfect for domestic use.
This line also comes in standard stock sizes including 200×300, 300×400 and 250×350 pouches.


NextFlex’s PE/EVOH/PP based monopolyolefine structure gave the products a maximum level of flexibility, a 10% saving due to thickness reduction and a high barrier. This allows an increase in product shelf-life and a consequent reduction in food waste. Moreover, the material is suitable for heat treatments up to 100° for two hours, allowing cooking and pasteurization processes of the packed products. This structure is perfect for the current mechanical recycling technologies.